SMK Videofactory is an independent production company born in 2009 in Bologna (Italy), from a group of media activists. In these years it has been producing social documentaries and journalistic inquiries.

t firmly believes in new models of crowdfunding production and in the idea that producing audio-visual works in a different way is possible. Its first crowdfunding project dates back to 2011, with the movie “Tomorrow’s Land“. Then it created an uninterrupted sequence of documentaries using mass co-production campaigns: “Kosovo vs Kosovo” (2012), “An ephemeral madness” (2012), “Green Lies” (2014), “Vite al Centro” (2014), “Our oil?” (2016).

In the wake of the mass auto-distribution experience of Tomorrow’s Land, it founded in 2013 Distribuzioni dal Basso, a portal which supports creative works of new filmmakers and of independent production companies in Italy. Today Distribuzioni dal Basso has become OpenDDB, the first European portal of creative works in Creative Commons.